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Hello dear blog readers ! In this article I would like to give examples for search engine optimization of your site in the early stages of development, I think that someone can gain for themselves what is interesting in this article.

SEO Tips for Beginners Bloggers


 Are you planning to launch a new website or blog, you should know what is SEO.SEO means search engine optimization, which provides delivery of your site in search sitemy.SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search for news and more. So here I want to share some tips and tricks that will help you in improving your website or blog to raise rank in TCI.

 Top 9 SEO Tips and Tricks

 1. Using the proper meta tags to your site or blog


 Meta Tags - special tags from HTML, offering information on a Web page. For example, in contrast to simple tags HTML, meta tags do not affect the display of the page. Instead, they provide information such as who created the page, site description, rss, which pages and keywords that reflect the content of the page. Many search engines use this information when you search, for example:

<Meta name = »description» content = »Find Quality Widgets For Blogger, Free Blogger Gadgets, Magazine Templates, Learn SEO Blogging and advice." /

2. Use keyword rich according to your site


 Key words -words that are used to identify the internal structure on the site. We can use a lot of keywords to describe our content on the site, for example, to describe hacking the website, we can use keywords such as learn hacking, hack, etc. in meta tags ..

3. Internal links and links to your website


We must clearly understand the balance of internal and external links. Therefore, we must perelinovat web page with each other to enjoy the flow of traffic of visitors come from search engines, and use tags to follow our external links.

4. Unique and relevant content


 The search engine spiders love to visit and enjoy the unique content to show its users relevant and quality content. Good quality articles brings you a lot of traffic, as well as posts and comments in the same articles.

5. Reduce bounce rate of your site

Bounce rate

Bounce rate means that many visitors come to your site and then leave. To reduce it, you should follow some tips:

    Attractive pattern and website design
    Do not make your site from fish from ads and advertising.
    Fast loading time is also another factor.
    Finally, unique and quality content.

6. Never rename your web page, if your site is new

New site

To create and popular websites, rename your web pages will be the destruction of their ranking in the search engines, you essentially start from scratch in terms of SEO . So if you're doing a redesign of your website, do not forget to save the old file names.

7. Advertisements and Advertising

You can advertise your site using Google Adwords, Facebook etc, to bring more successful promotion and good SEO results for your website.

8. Provide Sitemap files for popular search engines


Therefore refers to the list of Sitemaps website as reports and articles, and Imagine that Google, yahoo, Bing and other search engines will bring all of your messages in the search results.

9. Allow guests to write messages and play Contests


Allow visitors to leave comments on articles, with links to their sayty.Takzhe organize contests on your site to the people involved took part in them and win prizes.

A brief summary of the above: If you implement the above tips and tricks on your site, then you will definitely get a Google Page rank and good TCI in a short period of time.


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