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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Free SEO Tips-Blogs

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )  is a technique/process or procedure to get high place in search engine results. Everyone wants to get more traffic to their website and thus they use SEO. This is a technique to generate extra web-traffic to your website by obtaining a high rank in search engine result page ( SERP ). It is quite simple that if your website is ranking higher in Search Engine Results then you will get more website visitors.

We use Key-words/key-phrases to obtain high search position in search engine results. Many free tools are available for keyword research and suggestion tool on internet such as Word tracker, Cute rank and  Google Adwords Tool, Many paid tools are also available if you want more powerful and great results.

Free SEO Tips Blogs

You must use your Key-word in the title tag because this way the search engine crawler will come to know what is your web-page about.

For Example: My keyword is  Free SEO Tips-Blogs

    <Title>Free Seo Tips Blogs</title>

You can check any website€™s information on www.whois and you will have information about that site such as who is that website registered to and much more. Age of the domain is very important as search engines give preference to old sites than new because if the domain is old than its credible and could no€™t be a fake website. You can check traffic rant of a website on www.alexa com.
You must use key-words/ key-phrases in headline texts. Few search engines give importance to the search terms that are placed in the headline texts in html code of the web-page.

As an Example: The keyword is = Free Seo Tips-BlogsFree Seo Tricks and Tips

    <h1>Free Seo Tips-Blogs</h1>
    <h2> Free Seo Tricks and Tips </h2>
    <h3> If you have more

keyword must be used in domain name ( URL ). This is very important for Google as google gives importance to domain names.

Example: Tricks Free SEO Tips is the Keyword

key-word must be used in page Uniform Resource Locator ( URL ). URL or Uniform Resource Locator is a part of domain name that can be found after it. It is separated with slashes ("/") underscore ("_") and dashes ("-")

Suppose Tricks Free SEO Tips is the Keyword Free/SEO/Tips/blog/

You must get many links from other websites and web-pages directed to you website or webpage because this is how search engines recognizes that your website or webpage is important and has good content.

Keywords should be used in meta description tag. Meta description tag allows us to describe what a web-page or website is about. This is not very significant in achieving high search results but still one should use it, so you can have an interesting description for people in search results and you can have more web traffic.


    <meta name="description" content="Get Free Seo Tips In this Free Website and Blogs.">

You should use meta tag key-word. Meta tag key-words are used to define search terms on what is key in your web-site or web-page according to your own view and it should be located among <head> < /head>


  meta name="keywords" content="  Free SEO Tips-blogs,Free SEO Tips and blogs,SEO Free Tips">

Keywords/Key-phrases should be in the body text. Body text is the text placed in the web-site or web-pages which can be seen by searchers in their web browsers. This does not contain HTML commands and comments.

Your body text must have your Keywords in the first sentence of your web-page. First sentence in the body text is used as description by few search engines for your web page in the search result page.

Use keyword in bold body text. Use the <b> </b> or <strong> </strong> tags around some of your keywords on each page. Do not use them everywhere the keyword appears. Once or twice is OK.

Keywords Should be used  in HTML comments. HTML comments do not appear on  web-page. This technique is no more applicable in Google these days.

    <!-- Free SEO Tips blogs-->


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