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Monday, 9 September 2013

Website Optimization Tips & Techniques

In this section I aim to provide a basic overview on what you need in your website to feature highly in search engines. Its Top Website Optimization Tips but rather the most comprehensive helpful advice you will find anywhere. Most of these are Basic Optimization Tips but they are also the "Best Optimization Tips" because they are all fundamental to creating a highly ranked website within Google and other search engines. So if you have not got these key areas or the basics covered you will struggle from the start. I shall list these and add a weight or liking, that Google seems to gives each criteria or area i advise upon. But remember this is Cumulative, just because you can't achieve everything listed below, it does not mean you will not feature highly as the other websites you are competing against in Google, these have to achieve all of these as well! And not forgetting you have to have your keywords right. 

Top Website Optimization Tips:-

1. Age of Domain and Longevity - Medium

Always register your domain for as long as possible, this shows google that you are serious and the website will not be just a flash in the pan. Also if you have chosen a good domain name it is in your interest to keep this as long as possible. Google will always give websites that are older a little more weight. Don't worry about this too much as they still need to be good.

2. Speed of Website - Low

Google prefers fast websites. To get a fast website it needs to be written in the right code, newer the better, have few coding errors and the content needs to be streamlined. Some things that will slow your website down are:
Incorrect Code errors or warnings
Old Code,
Large image files,
Too many large images,
Too many CSS Files,
Don't use Flash 
Don't use Frames
Do not use too many or try not to use any Nested Tables,

3. Use of Google Tools - Medium

Yep to feature highly in Google you need to be using Google tools! Some of the Google tools you should be using and that will help your website, in no particular order are:
Google Analytics
Google Webmaster
Google Email Adressess
Google Places
Google Plus +
Google Checkout
Optional additions are Google Adwords & Adsense, these also seem to help!

4. Website Basics - Medium to High

These are basic things your website needs in terms of structure and content. You really need to have all these bases covered:
404 Page - A page that if links are broken or page is moved visitors will be redirected to, also means you will not lose visitors.
Underscores - Don not use underscores in your URLs use hyphens instead.
Blog - Add a blog page google likes visitors to be able to interact with the website and additional content always helps, plus this gives you the opportunity to blog News Items, New Products and Events, Etc
Sitemap - A sitemap.xml that lists all of your pages within your website.
Robot.txt file - this tells google or other search engines how to treat pages within you website.
Title - Meta Title - No More than 70 characters, your really should try to use as many characters as possible, but choose less if you have a long URL
Website Description - Meta description should be about 150 Characters again use all of these and ensure this contains all of your keywords for the site or for that page
Header Tags - H1 to H6, Have no more than 3 x H1 title tags per page ideally just one but you can play around with this to see what works. I've seen websites rank highly with none and only utilising H2 Tags. Header tags should contain you most important keywords. and try not to repeat these within the page.
Images - Always Title you images with what they are, bearing in mind your websites keywords, add where possible description tags too and always add alt tags again using your websites keywords.
Content - Content is key, always use images with your text and write new and fresh content, I get approached by people who are having problems optimizing their website and they have only about 50-60 words on each page. And quite often they forget to use the keywords that people will use to find their website. Also make sure you do not have spelling mistakes as this will put some people off. Each Page needs to contain at least 200 words, See text to HTML ratio Below
Other Content - Make the website useful add a forum, blog, poll, use Videos, add files like PDFs that people can open and read for further information or content.
Text to HTML Ratio - Should be about 20% the higher the better but you can get away with less, but be careful this does not dilute or increase your keyword ratio.
Keyword to Content Ratio - some say this does not matter anymore but I think it does - basically if the text in your page does not contain your keywords then you will find it very difficult, if not impossible to rank for those particular keywords. Remember this is not only keywords individually but also how often the keywords appear together. I have been playing around with a group of 3 keywords showing at a ratio of between 7-8% and seems to be working, but is very difficult as you have to lessen the amount of times you use these words individually and then you still have to make it readable and engaging.

5. Social Media - Medium

Make use of Social Media links with your website with Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Linked in, Pintrest, Blogger etc and get all your friends and family to "link in", "like" and "share" your website among their social groups. Use Social Media like Google+ and Twitter to promote your website and products.

6. Good Website Links - High

Yes you need inbound and Outbound Links. It used to be all about getting hundreds of links but not anymore. Google is constantly trying to make searches better and the old BLACK HAT Technique of just spamming hundreds and thousands of links into your website with your URL and Keywords no longer works. Well actually it may work initially but if Google thinks these are spam links, from link farms, from websites that are black listed, blocked or known to have malware then these will not work. Also if the links are from other countries such as India, America, Russia and Poland and your website is not based there they will see these as badlinks. So now a few good quality links to your website seems to help far more:
Inbound Links - Get good quality links from highly ranked website (use Pagerank to check these for their PR Rank), use a variation or your keywords, your url's in those links. Vary using www., http//www. and /index in the urls you specify to be linked with, also use nofollow links. Again link from websites that have similar content, about the same thing in the same country or area.
Internal Links - As above link to all your pages, content and keywords internally, this show Google that you are trying to help visitors within your website to find the content that they want.
Outbound Links - Link to useful resources and things that will help visitors or things they may find interesting. Don't be put of with linking to similar websites especially if you can exchange links.

Google likes a good mix of these, not too many too little and not all the same.

As I said above: These are the best basic website tips and if you do not have most of these in your website then you will make your job far more difficult. These are just a few of the many things you need to build a good website but this should get you started off on the right track.


The Key to achieving a Google ranking with your Keywords are to make sure that all your Keywords feature in your
Page URL
Page Name
Page Title
Page Title
Header Tags (H1-H6)
Page Content
Image Description
Image Alt Tags
Internal Page Links
Inbound Links
Outbound Links

And don't forget to mess around with keyword density sometimes less is more! See what your competitors are doing and try more or less..........!


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