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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How can I get rid of the ban search engines

Now, in the world of new technologies, make your own website can be every person who know something on the Internet. Set himself the task of conclusion of a site in the top , it is important to be clear about how to achieve this. But, unfortunately, in the ban misses every fifth site and get out of it is not an easy task.

From the outset, I want to understand a little bit what is banned and why he appears. To begin, banks - a simple prohibition of search engines to find your site, and only because of this we get a sharp decline in attendance, which means losing money. Before you start to promote the site , whether it is possible to determine whether your child has got in the bank? Of course, very simple, you just need to enter your domain in the search engine.

Let's list the most common reasons to ban your site. The first and most probably important - is the so-called plagiarism. Plagiarism - is not unique texts that are on the site or even copy from other sources of content. May be, so to speak, text generation fully automatic mode that search engine can not understand. Too optimized text, a lot of advertising on the site. You were caught on the ability to fool search engines and more.

Let's understand a little more detail in the last paragraph. At this point, we know three ways to deceive search engine. The first of them - cloaking when your website pages sounds completely different information, which is intended for search engines and visitors. The second - a doorway when your website can be promoted under certain key questions. Occurs site promotion , site gradually rises to the top, and the visitor enters a completely different site. Well, the last - redirect when all search engines index a single page, and your visitor again falls on a completely different site.

How are all the same, you can take your site from under the ban, or as they say - AGS?

Most important and effective way to output - is precisely to eliminate the very problem that led to this. Will be available in several ways:

From the outset, it will be necessary to get rid of, so to speak, of prohibited items on your site. Where does, various automatic exchanges, paid links, advertising and various other things that deprives the exit site of the ban. About excess advertising we have mentioned, but if the site was in a ban on search engines, why do we need to advertise, it can be easily removed, at least up to a point. Of course, is to stir online only unique and very high quality texts. Completely all searchers did not love or stolen content created by sinoimayzera.

It should also pay attention to thematic links that you put on your life, as well as a high level of confidence. All this will help the search engines consider your site popular on the Internet. It is also worth write a service in which it will be necessary to specify all completely eliminate the causes of the ban. At the end of this letter should ask to enter your resource in search engines. I want to note that the debate on this subject with the moderators of the company totally worth it, because it is quite useless. Well worth and only then to be patient as to exit ban may take a long time. Well, basically all the main reason for the ban of the site and its possible outcomes.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

About Panda 4.0

A few notes:
Panda 4.0
  • Since March 2013, as previously announced, Google no longer announces dates updated its algorithm spam Panda, although officially it continues to be updated about every month.
  • Matt Cutts called the Panda 4.0 while often we merely provide output numbers. He probably wants to signify that this is a major change in the algorithm, and not just an update of the data.
  • Matt Cutts announced that a milder version of Panda was in preparation, intended to preserve the sites of small and very small we do not know if this is the version 4.0.
  • It indicates that the online began on May 20, yet many of us have identified changes a few days before. I think he has not announced the date precisely in order to cover their tracks.
  • Finally, another update has also been officially announced by Google, version 2 of an algorithm to fight against some very specific forms of spam in vertical niches. 
The May 23, 2014, Matt Cutts said that Panda 4.0 was like a new architecture that includes some changes in the algorithm to soften the impact (on sites TPE.PME as advertised, no doubt) but also lays the ground work for future developments.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Free SEO Tools

This are some nice tools, I found them on his site. I have to say he has a nice collection of tools, as what I’ve read on his site he is a good experience in the SEO filed. You can follow him on twitter and visit his page if you want to improve your traffic and conversions: 

Keyword Tools :

NB: If you sign up your site for their Google Webmaster Tools - it will give you a run down of what keywords your site is appearing in Google for and the average position of that term in Google. Also gives you run down of urls errors and true no. of backlinks in Google and a lot more.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Website Optimization Tips & Techniques

In this section I aim to provide a basic overview on what you need in your website to feature highly in search engines. Its Top Website Optimization Tips but rather the most comprehensive helpful advice you will find anywhere. Most of these are Basic Optimization Tips but they are also the "Best Optimization Tips" because they are all fundamental to creating a highly ranked website within Google and other search engines. So if you have not got these key areas or the basics covered you will struggle from the start. I shall list these and add a weight or liking, that Google seems to gives each criteria or area i advise upon. But remember this is Cumulative, just because you can't achieve everything listed below, it does not mean you will not feature highly as the other websites you are competing against in Google, these have to achieve all of these as well! And not forgetting you have to have your keywords right. 

Top Website Optimization Tips:-

Monday, 19 August 2013

20 Best Top Social Bookmarking Sites


What is  Social Bookmarking?

New Internet users often have this question regarding bookmark or bookmarking: "what is social bookmarking?" For those users i have given a brief idea about what is social bookmarking and how it can used.

Well, social bookmarking is name of a process where you/users save your favorite website/Blog Page for a later use. You give your own name to these saved links which are called bookmarks.All the bookmarks of different pages can be stored/saved in a single place on your browser/social bookmarking site.

What is  Social Marker? 

Latest answer would be : Social Marker is a tool, plugin or add on used in to submitting your articles, blog posts, or web page from one place to several social bookmarking sites or social networking sites at one once( in one go) so that you don't need to visit every individual bookmarking site to submit your bookmarks. A social marker automatically submits your website url to most of the popular and main social bookmarking sites. One such great social marker is Social marker where you get a chance to automatically (manually) submit to around 20 best top bookmarking sites.

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